Pedro Adao’s Movement Maker Challenge 2021 Launched

Pedro Adao’s Movement Maker Challenge 2021, a course designed to launch, grow, or scale an online business leveraging the power of challenges, has been launched.

Pedro Adao has launched his updated Crush it with Challenges program called Movement maker Challenge. The course is designed for for building and scaling your movement business using online challenges.

Details can be found at: movementmakerchallenge

Who is Pedro Adao?

Pedro, “the Challenge Guy”, Adao is the Founder and CEO of 100X Academy.

He is called upon by well known entrepreneurs and marketers for consulting and strategic guidance on how to design and implement a challenge as part of their marketing strategy.

He worked with people like Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson, Dean Graziosi, Grant Cardone, and Daymond John to create their challenges. Each of them have resulted in huge results.

He is the creator of the Crush It With Challenges Training Program. A course for how to use challenges to start, grow, or scale any business, anywhere, any time. 

More can be found on this course at movementmakerchallenge

What is the Movement Maker Challenge?

The Movement Maker Challenge is 5 day Free step-by-step training course that teaches you how to create your own movement by serving your audience and delivering massive value.

It covers the strategies, the tactics, and even the technical stuff that you’ll need (not complicated tech if you might think!)

The Movement Maker Challenge 2021 is currently open to anybody interested in the hottest #1 most effective marketing method working today to massively scale their businesses.

Visit movementmakerchallenge for more information.

What’s behind challenges taking over the internet right now?

Challenges flat out work. Today challenges are the #1 most effective way to profitably acquire new customers online.

In fact, they are working so well that almost every entrepreneur that has done a challenge has now shifted almost their entire marketing plan to focus on challenges because they just are simply outperforming every other marketing method.

Pedro Adao has taken challenges to a whole new level and has personally consulted, trained, and coached thousands of entrepreneurs in his innovative and proprietary Crush it With Challenges model.

A free 5 day challenge with Pedro Adao is open for everybody who’s looking to launch, grow, or scale their online business leveraging the power of challenges.

More can be found on this free challenge at movementmakerchallenge